Record Breaking Ruby: Estrela de Fura Sells for $34.8 Million

A record breaking in the world of gemstones occurred as the largest. It is the most valuable ruby ever to be auctioned was sold for an astounding $34.8 million in New York. Weighing an impressive 55.22 carats, this extraordinary ruby, named Estrela de Fura. It was discovered at a Mozambican mine by Canadian firm Fura Gems less than a year ago. Its rarity and exquisite beauty led to a fierce bidding war. It is breaking all previous records for rubies in the auction market.

A Rarity Amongst Gems:

While diamonds, particularly colored ones, dominate the record books for gemstone sales. Rubies are also highly prized as some of the world’s rarest and most valuable gemstones. The previous record for a ruby ​​auction was held by Sunrise Ruby. It is 25.59-carat stone found in Myanmar, which sold for $30.3 million in Geneva back in 2015.

From Unearthed Rough Stone to Magnificent Gem:

Estrela de Fura began its journey as a headline-making rough stone unearthed by miners in Mozambique in July. Weighing a staggering 101 carats initially, it was meticulously cut and polished to enhance its color and brilliance. The process resulted in vivid red hues, thanks to multiple internal reflections, as confirmed by a report from the Swiss Gemmological Institute.

The Pigeon’s Blood Ruby:

Estrela de Fura stands out for its exceptional clarity and a dark red color, often referred to as “pigeon’s blood.” This hue is traditionally associated with highly sought-after Burmese rubies, making the stone even more alluring to collectors and connoisseurs.

A Rare Find in Mozambique:

While rubies were discovered in Mozambique decades ago, it wasn’t until 2009, when a huge ruby ​​deposit was discovered near the small town of Montepuez in the north of the country, that a significant industry emerged. Since then, Mozambique has become one of the most productive ruby ​​mining areas in the world, and Estrela de Fura is a prime example of the incredible gem potential of this African country.

Competing with Myanmar’s Rubies:

With its unparalleled beauty and size, Estrela de Fura has the potential to propel African stones, particularly those from Mozambique, to rival and perhaps even outshine Myanmar’s renowned rubies. The auction house’s jewelry head for the Americas, Quig Bruning, believes that this exceptional ruby can elevate Mozambique’s gemstone reputation to new heights.

The Glittering Auction:

Estrela de Fura, alongside another precious gem, The Eternal Pink, a 10.57-carat pink diamond, headlined Sotheby’s “Magnificent Jewels” sale. Both these ultra-rare stones were showcased in several cities, including Dubai, Singapore, and Geneva, before finding their new owners in the heart of New York.


Estrela de Fura’s record-breaking sale is a testament to the allure of rare and extraordinary gemstones. As a symbol of Mozambique’s emerging prominence in the ruby industry, this magnificent ruby sets a new standard for beauty and value, leaving an indelible mark on the history of gem auctions.