Shopping at Minimarkets with PayLater Option – Learn How

Simplifying Online Shopping with Buy Now, PayLater

In alignment with the burgeoning financial inclusion, PT Artha Dana Teknologi has entered a collaborative venture through its product, Indodana PayLater, with Klik Indomaret, the e-commerce platform under the aegis of the retail powerhouse, Indomaret. This strategic partnership positions Indodana to offer the public an alluring proposition: the convenience of installment payments for their everyday online shopping needs, complete with flexible terms extending up to 12 months.

Indodana’s Commitment to Enhancing Financial Inclusion

Jerry Anson, Director of Indodana, leaves no room for ambiguity when he accentuates the profound commitment that Indodana harbors. As it becomes a seamlessly integrated payment method within Klik Indomaret‘s services, it is effectively dedicating itself to the cause of elevating national financial inclusion, with a particular focus on the financial technology (fintech) sector, across the entire Indonesian populace. In Jerry’s words, “This collaboration stands as a compelling testament to Indodana’s unwavering dedication to expanding its services, fostering accessibility for Indonesians to tap into a diverse array of outstanding products available on Klik Indomaret. Beyond accessibility, Indodana elevates the shopping experience by offering irresistible promotions and facilitating secure transactions, all accessible via the convenience of your mobile phone.” Jerry articulated these sentiments on Monday (28/8/2023).

A Fresh Approach to Shopping with Klik Indomaret

Shopping at Minimarkets with PayLater Option - Learn How

Now, let’s pivot to the retail giant, Indomaret, which boasts an expansive network of over 22,000 retail outlets dispersed across the Indonesian archipelago. Building upon its omnipresence, Indomaret extends enhanced convenience to its customers through the digital gateway, Klik Indomaret. Here, the online shopping realm beckons with ease of access, available via both the Klik Indomaret website and the dedicated app. Shoppers can peruse and purchase their daily essentials at their leisure, unburdened by constraints of time or geography, obviating the necessity of visiting physical Indomaret stores.

Streamlining Payment Processes

Franky Cahyadi, President Director of PT Klik Indomaret Perkasa, underscores that the convenience of shopping on Klik Indomaret has reached new heights through the seamless integration of Indodana’s digital payment services. Klik Indomaret assumes the role of a comprehensive one-stop online emporium, furnishing an array of daily necessities, fresh produce, ready-to-consume meals, virtual commodities (such as bill top-ups), tickets, and travel services. To heighten the appeal, Klik Indomaret champions swift delivery, with the added advantage of one-hour fulfillment, along with free shipping encompassing the entire expanse of Indonesia. Franky adds further context, stating, “Customers are now even more empowered, courtesy of the synergistic alliance between Klik Indomaret and Indodana, offering an enticing alternative payment avenue through PayLater.”

Easy Installment Program

Delving deeper into the landscape, we find that the online shopping and payment services proffered by Klik Indomaret and Indodana not only exemplify user-friendliness but also enjoy widespread availability across over 10 major Indonesian cities. These cities include Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, Denpasar, Medan, and Palembang, among others. Within this expansive ecosystem, Indodana users have the opportunity to leverage a streamlined installment payment mechanism, spanning a robust network of more than 20,000 partner merchants. This expansive array encompasses various daily necessities, ranging from groceries, fashion, health, and beauty products to transportation, gadgets, electronics, and beyond. It’s crucial to note that Indodana has diligently adhered to regulatory oversight, having secured licenses and commenced supervision under OJK since May 2020, a measure that assures users of the utmost security in their transactions.

Accessing Indodana PayLater

For those eager to embark on the journey of accessing Indodana’s PayLater service, the path is straightforward. Begin by downloading the Indodana app, proceed with the registration process, and you’ll soon find yourself bestowed with a credit limit extending up to IDR 30 million. Armed with this financial capability, users are poised to initiate their shopping escapades across a myriad of merchant and retail partners. Within this diverse shopping milieu, an assortment of products and enticing promotions await, ensuring a shopping experience that is both seamless and gratifying.